Monday, August 7, 2017

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

WALT     Write our opinion
 We had a discussion about how to use OREO to help us with our opinion writing.  
O= Opinion.R=Reason.E=Example.O=state Opinion.   
Here is my opinion.                 
The trickiest thing I found was my thinking of my Examples. 

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

I think kids shouldn't  have a TV in their bedroom.
You might not go to school.
You might not go to school because you will be too lazy to get up and get ready for school because you stayed up too late the night before. 
you will become obsessed with the screen. because you will be addicted and become a game freak by watching TV too long which will affect your behaviour. 
In addition you will get grumpy. you will watch TV all night and have a grumpy mood in the morning.
This is why I believe kids shouldn't have a TV in their room.

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