Thursday, June 14, 2018


Today room one had been doing S.T.E.M for a couple of weeks this week was better than last time.First we let Edison scan some bar codes and also program him with ed blocks.Next we extended Edison with extension blocks and made them sumo wrestle.Finally it was time to pack up for lunch and assembly. What I found enjoying was programming Edison. What I might do differently next time is evidence more photos.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


today room 1 had been doing S.T.E.M we had been doing it for a couple of weeks but first we had to upload a photo or video then post to our hand-in-sheet then post to our blog. First I inserted  a photo of my stem activity . Next I saved the image that I took.Then finally I had to post it to my blog. what I enjoyed was building the parts together to make a completed  work what I might do differently next time is  making the photo by myself here is the photo that I uploaded.  

Monday, May 28, 2018

toy story mystery

today my reading group have been doing toy story mystery.First we screenshot ed the pictures  with the questions then answer them.Next we had to make a presentation of toy story mystery.Finally we had to publish it to are blog what I found challenging was doing the questions with the answers what I might do differently next time is make better answers here is my presentation.   

Thursday, May 24, 2018


today rm 1 have been doing homophones.
First we had to make a copy then do it. next
we had to put the right words in the correct box.
finally we had to share it with the teacher. what I found challenging is finding the right words to put in here is my homophones worksheet.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

haast eagle wingspan

 Today my reading group have been learning of how big is the hast eagles wingspan the wingspan is 3 meters long we had to use chalk and a meter ruler.First I took a photo of the eagles wingspan from room 1's iPad.Next I uploaded it to explain everything.Then finally I shared the photo to my Chromebook and I inserted it what I found challenging was uploading it what I might do differently is make the words bigger in the photo.      

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hanging on pobble 365

today we have been learning how to do pobble 365 first I had to take a screenshot of the picture for the day.
\Next we had to answer the questions and we had to write sentences not little sentences.
Lastly we had to put the link on our hand in sheet if we finished so Mrs Wallace can check if were wrong or right with the questions.
What I enjoyed was answering the questions what I might do differently next time is make the box smaller.

Hanging On - Question time!

WALT discuss and think more deeply in order to answer questions about a text.

(Insert image from text ↓)

  1. What do you think has happened to their nest? The storms wind was so powerful that it blew the nest away.
  2. What is the mother possum thinking? I think the mother is thinking that it takes a lot of effort to carry all seven children.
  3. Which of the baby possums has the best seat and why? I think the baby possum in the middle has the best seat because it is getting squeezed and it is holding on to the mother really tight.  
  4. Possums have incredible senses. Which of our senses do you think we use the most? Give example. I think the sense we use the most is sight because if there’s a nail on the footpath you will not see it and you might step on it.