Thursday, July 27, 2017

WALT dig deeper and use words that are more interesting in our writing

the cat sleept.

the cat sleept on my bed.

the sleepy grey cat sleept on my bed for 1 hour.

the sleepy grey cat sleept on my bed for 1 hour and curled in a ball

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

First maia was sad because when she looked at her poi it went lopsided the taura was loose and one of the huka huka had fallen off. second when she found whole in the plastic bag she put her finger in little the plastic bag she wiggled it and some foam came out  and made a little pile of foam crumbled on her feet Then She Noticed everyone was Quiet  and looking at her her Teacher (mrs waru) stepped Through the rows throwing maia the kapa haka festival is in two weeks what are you doing? Maia said my poi has a whole in it she held it up and more foam fell out she was trying to fix it her teacher said no! Maia you Ruined it maia said whatever, mrs waru was stern and said maia! If you don't want to be here you can sit outside the Principal's office haere atu go now!.lastly mr hayward said you need to make good choices misbehaving in kapa haka is,int a good choice is it? Maia said i’m sorry mr hayward mr hayward said don't you want to practice with your Friends? They’re all working really hard yes but kapa haka is boring I can’t sing I forget the words mr hayward shook his head i’m sure that’s not true but if it is boring why did you join all my friends  are in kapa haka and my Cousins I told them I want to go to the festival with them it’s not fair  to the others if you’re not trying your best mr hayward said he held up her ruined poi miss taiapa is making a new poi for the festival I would like you to help every lunch time instead of kapa haka practice ok ok maia said